Jackson And Chambers Were Healthy Scratches

When it was announced that WR Chris Chambers and DE Tyson Jackson were inactive against the Texans, it was assumed their injuries were keeping them off the field. 

It turns out that head coach Todd Haley didn’t feel either was worthy of being active, reports The Star’s Kent Babb.

“It was the right 45 for Sunday,” Haley said, “with all the variables as they were.”

The coach added that wide receiver Chris Chambers, who suffered a finger injury but also has underachieved so far this year, also was healthy enough for action.

“Both players could have played,” Haley said.

Not that piling on the 2009 draft class is needed, but if Jackson isn’t good enough to be active over a guy like Anthony Toribio what does that say about where the former No. 3 overall pick is right now?

The most curious thing about this situation is that Jackson looked good before hurting his knee in the San Diego game.  Babb also noted that Jackson has put on weight since injuring his knee and I think we can assume that Haley has been all over him about that.  Just because you can’t play doesn’t mean you have a free pass when it comes to the scale.

If Jackson is inactive again on Sunday, it’s hard to imagine him finding a way — short of the injury bug attacking the defensive line — to earn his job back this season.  Just scary to think that during Sunday’s game Ryan Succop will be the only player from the 2009 draft in a starting role.  Also shows how good the current batch of rookies is to be contributing so much, so soon.

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