Jackson Looks Forward To Chiefs Christmas Gift

One way or another, you had to know the postgame handshake between Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley and Oakland Raiders head coach Hue Jackson wasn’t going to be boring.

With the Chiefs leading 28-0 late in the game, they looked ready to run the clock out calling five straight running plays.  Then following a personal foul on the Raiders, Matt Cassel tried to hit Dwayne Bowe for a touchdown deep down the right sideline.

The pass fell incomplete, but Jackson was steaming.  He let off that steam when the coaches met at midfield, pointing at the Chiefs coach before holding onto Haley’s hand during the handshake as he tried to get his two cents in.  Haley, for his part, wanted nothing to do with (another) altercation and quickly looked to head off to the Chiefs locker room.

Asked about the chilly discussion, Jackson didn’t feel like offering many details.

“That’s between me and him.  We get to play ’em again.  We’ll go to Kansas City here at some point down the road.”

That “some point” is the second to last game of the season on Christmas Eve at Arrowhead.  Jackson will no doubt have a very special Christmas gift planned for Haley and the Chiefs, making it must see TV before Santa comes does the chimney.

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