Jacksonville Trades For A QB Not Named Thigpen

Last week, there were rumors swirling that the Chiefs were talking to the Jacksonville Jaguars about a trade for quarterback Tyler Thigpen.  After today’s cuts left 4 QBs on the Kansas City roster led many to believe a trade was still coming.  And it still might, but it won’t be to Jacksonville.  The Jaguars have acquired Luke McCown from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for an undisclosed 2010 draft pick.

The Jaguars were reportedly offering a fifth round draft pick for Thigpen.

McCown was beaten out for the Bucs starting job by Byron Leftwich.  The trade comes just hours after Tampa Bay announced its final cuts and retained four quarterbacks — Leftwich, McCown, Josh Freeman and Josh Johnson.

McCown is entering his sixth NFL season.  He has made seven career starts for the Bucs and Cleveland Browns compiling a 1-6 record.

There are only three reasons the Chiefs would decide to keep four quarterbacks:

1) Matt Cassel’s injury is worse than we have been led to believe.

2) They still have hopes of getting some sort of value for Thigpen the way Tampa Bay did for McCown.

3) Scott Pioli might not feel he can squeeze Matt Gutierrez past the Broncos (or Pats for that matter) on the waiver wire.  If you wait until after Week 1 when teams have their rosters set, you might have better luck slipping a player through waivers and onto the practice squad.

I think it is probably a combination of 2 & 3.  Thigpen has value in this league.  It might not be the third round pick that Pioli was reportedly asking for from the Jaguars, but clearly it’s at least a fifth rounder.  I also think the team really likes Gutierrez and knows Josh McDaniels will pounce on him if he’s given the chance.

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