Jamaal Charles Advances In Madden Cover Race, Not Worried About Curse

Jamaal Charles had the better ranking (6 vs. 11) but there was little hope that the Kansas City Chiefs RB could take down the league’s most popular backup, Denver Broncos QB Tim Tebow.  But that’s what happened on Monday and Charles told ESPN.com he was as shocked as anyone.

“Most of the fans voted for me because they were afraid of Tebow getting the Madden Curse,” Charles says.  “If everyone was on my side, no telling how bad I could’ve whipped him.”

If Charles does continue to advance and ends up on the cover, he says it will be a dream come true for a guy who spends all of his free time talking noise to teammates while on his PlayStation 3.

“I like to play against Earl Thomas (of the Seahawks),” Charles says.  “He has no skills.  He sucks.  He tries to match his character up against me all the time whenever I’m in the slot, but I dust him every time.  I’m gone.”

And while Charles likes to laugh and boast about his skills in the game, there’s one subject that almost wipes the smile completely off his face — the Madden Curse.

“I’ll start worrying about that if I get on the cover,” Charles admits . “I think it’s all mental and I’m just going to keep going out and doing what I’m doing.  It’s all mental.”

It’s amazing that Charles could beat Tebow by 28 percent.  The Broncos QB is one of the most well known figures in football, even with very little professional experience, yet Charles ran away from him quicker than he does opposing defenses.

Call it coincidence, mental, whatever…  I’m absolutely frightened by the Madden Curse.  I know it’s silly and makes absolutely no sense, but I want absolutely nothing to do with any Chiefs player gracing the cover of Madden ’12 or any year in the future.

Looking at the remaining bracket, Charles could actually walk into the finals on his side.  He has Maurice Jones-Drew up next and that’s a matchup significantly easier than Tebow.  After that could be Matt Ryan or Peyton Hillis, with Ryan as the obvious favorite against the Cleveland Browns RB.  While Ryan would also be favored to beat Charles, it’s still no more daunting a task than Tebow.

The final on this side of the bracket would be against Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers.  The Packers QB has Sam Bradford and then the winner of Hakeem Nicks and Danny Woodhead, not exactly household names.  A Charles-Rodgers showdown would be close, but it’s hard to imagine anything stopping one of the biggest names in sports right now.

Charles wants to win the whole thing, so hopefully he puts up a good showing.  But I have to be honest, this is the one and only time I will be wholly pulling for someone going against Charles.

Keep that Curse far, far away from Kansas City!

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