Charles, Flowers Make All-2008 Draft Team

With questions surrounding how, if at all, the lockout will change Scott Pioli’s draft plans it’s important to remember that a full evaluation shouldn’t be made until after three years.  Now that we are three years removed from the 2008 draft, Pro Football Focus has put together a squad with the best players from each position, including a couple Kansas City Chiefs.

Jamaal Charles, Running Back

What a talented year for running backs, which only goes to further highlight how good Charles has been.  Our top ranked running back on the year didn’t just pick up 6.39 yards per carry, he picked up 3.1 of those yards after contact.

Brandon Flowers, Cornerback

Earned our second highest coverage grade while establishing himself as one of the league’s top cornerbacks.

He may have gotten out of the gate slowly, but I would have added Glenn Dorsey to this list.  You could argue that neither Detroit’s Cliff Avril and Miami’s Kendall Langford were better than Dorsey this past season.  Unfortunately, it seems that Dorsey’s inability to live up to his massive contract as a a top 5 pick could be holding him back.

Charles and Flowers are easy choices with both among the best in the league period, not just from their draft class.  When you rank this batch of players again in five years, I’d wager both are still outperforming the rest of the players in the 2008 draft at their respective positions.

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