Charles Dominates On The (Flag) Football Field

Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles is currently in the middle of his flag football tournament in Port Arthur, Texas.  His team — also including the Ravens Danny Gorrer and former Bengal James Johnson — won their game Saturday 4-0 and didn’t give up a first down.  Though to be fair, it was against high schoolers.

“We weren’t expecting to win; we just wanted to have some fun with Jamaal,” [Port Neches-Groves HS senior] Jalali said.  “He’s a nice guy, very friendly, very funny.”

Former West Orange-Stark football standout Earl Thomas, a safety with the Seattle Seahawks who played in college for the University of Texas, also played in the tournament on a team with players from Orange, including former teammates Jacoby Franks, a wide receiver at Texas Tech, and Andre Bevil, a quarterback for the Lamar University football team.

“It’s fun playing with my teammates and friends from high school,” Thomas said.

Mark Roberts, a senior receiver at West Orange-Stark who will play football at the University of Houston next season, was also on the Orange team.  The entire team wore the color Orange.

The team from Orange could meet up with Charles’ team in the championship game on Sunday.

“We have the most talent on our team,” Thomas said.

I think it’s great that Charles is putting events together in his home town, but I sure wish he was calling the shots from the sidelines and not playing.  All I can think about it Steve Smith breaking his arm last year playing flag football instead of “oh, look, Jamaal is having a good time with some high school kids!”

While we’re looking at the glass half empty, can Roberts, Franks and Bevil accept a cash prize if Thomas’ team wins?  I know that while I was in college, guys from the basketball team won a 3-on-3 tournament but couldn’t accept the cash prize because it would be an NCAA violation.  Or maybe my school was just being cautious.

Either way, here’s hoping that everyone stays healthy for the final day of the tournament.

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