Jamaal Charles In The Running For Madden Cover

With NCAA brackets exploding around the country this weekend, the folks at EA Sports are nice enough to give us a new one that will determine the next athlete to grace the cover of the “Madden” video game franchise.  Unlike the college basketball games, the fans will be determining the winners each round with a representative from each team.

From the Kansas City Chiefs, it’s no surprise that Jamaal Charles gets the nod.  Thankfully he will be going up against Tim Tebow in the first round, a 6/11 matchup.

Why thankfully?  Because we can all agree that the last thing the Chiefs young running back needs now is the Madden Curse putting a halt to his promising career.  Having a popular figure like Tebow going up against Charles makes this far from a fair fight and that’s just fine with me.  Let Tebow — a backup QB — win the whole thing as the first step of his move to the UFL.

The funniest aspect of the whole “tournament” is that EA’s hands were tied thanks to the lockout and not knowing which players were locks to be on certain teams whenever there is football again.

For example, I’m sure Cincinnati Bengal fans are pumped about being able to vote for… Carlos Dunlap.  Yes, he of the 24 tackles last season.  No doubt the face of the franchise!

Jake Long and Jordan Gross representing the Miami Dolphins and Carolina Panthers, respectively?  Yikes.

At least those teams have players vying for votes.  The Seattle Seahawks best option was the “12th Man”, which means we could be in a situation where a flag is on the cover of “Madden ’12”.

Folks, this is one we want to sit out and let some other poor team get the “privilege” of having one of their players (or flag) get saddled with this curse.

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