No Hard Feelings Between Charles, Cushing

During the Kansas City Chiefs victory over the Houston Texans, it seemed like one player after another was going down for the visitors. First it was star running back Arian Foster, then his backup Ben Tate and later in the game DE J.J. Watt.

The worst of the injuries happened early in the third quarter on a pass to Chiefs fullback Anthony Sherman.

Running back Jamaal Charles was looking to throw to pick up the blitz and hit Texans LB Brian Cushing low and on the side. Cushing went, and stayed, down holding the knee he just had repaired after blowing out his ACL.

It’s believed Cushing suffered a broken leg and torn LCL.

On the very next play, Charles carried the ball for a two yard gain and got up from the pile looking to fight. Houston players, still upset over the low block, were trying to get some revenge at the end of the play.

After the game, during Peter King’s interview with Texans defensive coordinator Wade Phillips, Charles apologized for the hit.

“I am sorry,’’ Charles said to Phillips. “I wasn’t trying to hurt him.’’

Wade Phillips said he knew Charles was trying to make a clean play, something echoed by Cushing after the running back went on Twitter to wish the linebacker a speedy recovery.

“[A]ppreciate you bro. I know you were just doing your job” Cushing replied on Twitter. “Nothing but respect for your game.”

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