Jamaal Charles Supports Pay For Play In College

The latest Ohio State scandal has once again raised the issue of paying college athletes.  You can count Kansas City Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles among those that believe they should be compensated beyond their scholarships.

“I couldn’t spend money like I wanted to because I had to save,” Charles said of his time at Texas, from 2005 to 2007.  “I couldn’t really save because I didn’t have any money.  I only had enough to pay for bills and I couldn’t even buy a pair of shoes.  Everybody was buying Jordan’s and I couldn’t have any.”

“I think they should help the players,” Charles said.  “They shouldn’t give them any NFL money, but a little so there won’t have to be any crazy stuff.  It’s tough in college because you don’t have any money.  It’s like you’re living poor.”

There are a lot of people that are very passionate about handing out cash to college football and basketball players.  But unless you are ready to pay athletes that play every other sport, it’s never going to happen.

For me, the athletes can find a way to get by without being paid for their play or selling their memorabilia for cash.  I would have happily given up my ability to have a part-time job in return for a free education, meaning not having to deal with student loans for fifteen years.

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