Jamaal Charles Sounds Like A Leader

If the players and owners are not able to agree on a new CBA by the end of this week, the NFL could face a lengthy work stoppage as they continue to hammer out a deal.  At the 101 Awards on Saturday night, Jamaal Charles said he was worried about the Kansas City Chiefs losing the momentum they started to build last season.  The young running back, however, sounded like a leader ready to check in on his teammates.

“You worry about that,” he said.  “It’s on my mind sometimes.  You’ve got to make sure you’re calling your friends and making sure they’re working out.”

An extended break could also ruin Charles’ momentum.  He was second in the NFL last season with 1,467 rushing yards.

“I’ve been blessed this off-season with all the honors I’ve been getting,” Charles said.  “It’s been like a roller-coaster, it’s been so great.  I have a new contract.

“It’s just been an incredible season.  I’ve just been so excited this year.  I thought I was going to be here for the (AFC offensive player of the year, won instead by New England quarterback Tom Brady).  That’s one of my goals for next year.

“The Pro Bowl was a blessing to me and something special.  I know I want to go there every year.  To get there, you have to keep working hard.”

There was also some talk about arranging players-only workouts around Kansas City, though they likely won’t be much more than glorified walkthroughs.  It is promising to hear that Charles is already taking steps towards coordinating those meetings, as well as checking in on his teammates when they are all away from Arrowhead.

We have seen Charles come a long way this last couple of year and it’s fair to give a whole lot of that credit to Thomas Jones.  The veteran’s production may have slowed down as the season went along, but it’s tough to gauge how important is was to Charles both on and off the field to have Jones around.

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