JaMarcus Russell’s Vegas Vacation

Oakland Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell missed the team’s final team meeting of the 2009 season, but was excused due to “personal” reasons.  The real reason was much more LJesque, according to the Oakland Tribune’s Cam Inman.

A reader, who commented on my Tuesday column to ditch Russell, claimed Russell was in Vegas at The Palms hotel.  This came within 24 hours of the team meeting that coach Tom Cable excused him from for “personal” issues.  I called The Palms and they confirmed a “JaMarcus Russell” had checked in as a guest.  Is it really him?

The better question should be: does it matter?  Russell missing the final team meeting of the season is just his special way of ending his Raiders career.  Once he hit the bench this year, it took everyone and their brother getting hurt for Russell to get back on the field.  If that doesn’t tell you about his future in Oakland (and the NFL) than I don’t know what else you need to know.

Here’s a crazy thought, how about Russell and his untapped potential playing for the Chiefs next year?  On the surface, he is the complete opposite of everything Todd Haley is looking for in a player.  But what better way to screw with the Raiders than sign one of their biggest draft busts of all time for the league minimum.  Maybe the Chiefs can put him through the Kolby Smith approved “Body By Haley” program and turn him around… Maybe not.

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