Jared Allen Wants To Bring The Mullet Back

During his time in Kansas City, Jared Allen’s started down the road towards a mullet, but it took until he was with the Minnesota Vikings to see the full power of his hair.  Allen, having since retired the mullet, was on PFT Live with Mike Florio this week and talked about his infamous look.

“I want to grow it back. But it takes forever,” Allen told Florio.  ”It’s in my heart still.  It’s still a way of life.  Sometimes you gotta do things for love and for your parents and I cut the mullet for my wedding.  Hopefully the Propecia helps and keeps my hair from falling out.”

Maybe it’s just me, but Allen doesn’t look right with short hair.  To be complete, he needs to have a terrible mustache and worse hair.  Listen, I’m not exactly saying he’s a better player with the mullet, but he DID have his worst season sack wise in four seasons after going ahead with the chop.

Only Jared can properly explain the story behind his mullet…

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