Jared Allen No Fan Of Carl Peterson Or Clark Hunt

You would be hard pressed to find many more players that Kansas City Chiefs fans liked as much as Jared Allen in recent history.  The defensive end took the team by storm after then-coach Dick Vermeil demanded the Chiefs spend a fourth round pick on him out of Idaho State.

Things turned south for Allen in Kansas City due to off-the-field problems, leading the Chiefs to trade the play maker instead of giving him a new contract.  Allen told reporters on Wednesday that the way things went down with GM Carl Peterson still doesn’t sit well with him, but that there was more than one man to blame.

“Obviously, I had a problem with Clark Hunt, too, because he chose Carl over me, huh?” Allen asked rhetorically.

At the end of the day, it wasn’t even that he was traded so much as being lied to about his future with the franchise.

“I was told I’d get an extension and everything, and the way things played out, my biggest thing was, ‘Listen, I don’t lie to you guys.  I show up and bust my tail for you.  Don’t lie to me.”

To defend Peterson — not normally an easy thing to do — the Chiefs got solid value for a player that was a relapse away from spending significant time on the sidelines. Two of the picks Kansas City got from Minnesota were turned into starting left tackle Branden Albert and one of the league’s most explosive running backs Jamaal Charles.

It’s hard to convince many owners to sign off on a huge deal for a player with a long term layoff hanging over his head and it’s doubly difficult when that owner is the thrifty Hunt.

I’d love to still have Allen in Kansas City and he’s one of the few former players that I legitimately root for when he isn’t playing against the Chiefs.  But no matter how much it was mangled by Peterson and Hunt, this is a situation that worked out best for all parties invovled.

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