Jared Allen Wins 1st Playoff Game, Eyes Super Bowl

Former Chiefs fullback Tony Richardson won the first two playoff games of his career over the past two weeks with the Jets and will look to make it three in a row against the Colts.  Meanwhile, another player familiar to Chiefs fans — Jared Allen — picked up his first postseason win last Sunday when the Vikings took out the Cowboys.

“It took a while to get one,” said Allen, who was part of playoff losses with the Chiefs at Indianapolis in 2006 and with the Vikings against Philadelphia last season.  “But we finally did and got it in a big way.

“It’s all perspective.  This is just one.  The only way to go out on a winning streak is to win the Super Bowl.  So if you lose the next one, it doesn’t really matter, does it?”

Allen, 27, is the first to admit he was looking to have a good time too often in his formative years with the Chiefs, and his multiple DUIs and two days in jail were a wake-up call.

“Minnesota has been a great move for me,” he said.  “The city has really embraced me, just as they embrace everybody.  This is my kind of town, too.  I’m an outdoorsy guy.  Since day one, the organization has been phenomenal. They do a great job of taking care of the players.

“It couldn’t have worked out better.  The good Lord is really shining on me.  I’ve been truly blessed.  I got drafted to a phenomenal team.  At that time, the Chiefs were a really good team with a good coaching staff, and I learned a lot.  As that organization was kind of sliding, to get to go to another great organization has been a dream come true.”

Just like T-Rich, I’m happy to see Allen pick up his first playoff victory, but I’m torn.

I am 100% sick of Brett Favre and don’t know that I can pull for him to win another game.  The best situation just may be for the Vikings to lose, Favre to retire (like that’ll ever happen) and the Vikings make their Super Bowl run next season led by Allen and the defense.

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