Jarrad Page Requests A Trade

The only player missing from the Kansas City Chiefs offseason program — Jarrad Page — has been silent during his absence.  That silence ended when his representatives sent a press release to PFT claiming to have submitted a “formal trade request” to the Chiefs on Thursday.

The release notes that “Entering the 2009 season, Jarrad Page had more interceptions than any other safety selected in the 2006 draft class.  Page is entering his fifth NFL season.”

Page has started 39 games in four seasons and he’s produced plenty.  His problem is that he’s coming off a disappointing, injury-plagued campaign.

In related news, I have requested that the state lottery send me a winning ticket.

Okay, so it’s more likely Page’s request will be honored than mine, but the point is that there is nothing compelling the Chiefs to do anything.  Scott Pioli is holding all of the cards with Kansas City exclusively holding Page’s rights.

This “release” tries to make it sound like the Chiefs wouldn’t have taken anything they could get for the veteran safety leading up to the draft.  If a team called up Pioli tonight and offered a 7th round pick for Page’s services, the deal would be done before you can say “Bernard Pollard”.

The best thing that Page can do at this point is sign his tender and prepare to show up for training camp.  It would put the Chiefs over their roster limit, forcing them to release one more player when they signed their 2010 draft class.

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