Jason Whitlock Out At Kansas City Star

Following a Summer of speculation, the Kansas City Star made it official: Jason Whitlock is done at the paper after 16 years.

Whitlock joined The Star in 1994 as a general-interest sports columnist after writing for newspapers in Ann Arbor, Mich., and Charlotte, N.C. He immediately struck a chord with local readers and ultimately developed a national audience through his column and work in other media, including radio and television.

He continues to write columns for FoxSports.com.

At the end of July, Whitlock addressed rumors of his departure on Twitter:

If u live n KC, do not believe anything said about me from ANYONE unless u hear it directly from me. There’s only 1 source 4 news about me.

Say what you want about Whitlock — and plenty of us have — but he was one of the few people in the mainstream Kansas City media that could still provoke discussion.

We all know that the newspaper industry is in trouble so for all the talk that Whitlock was “fired” it’s just as likely that they couldn’t afford to keep him around anymore.  Now that the Star has made the news official, I wonder what Whitlock will have to say about it since clearly there is at least two sources for news about him.

I think one thing will be made clear very quickly: Kansas City with Whitlock is much better than without.

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