Jason Whitlock Takes Aim For Pioli, Chiefs

He may no longer work for the Kansas City Star, but that doesn’t mean Jason Whitlock has forgotten about the Chiefs.  In his latest NFL Truths column Whitlock concedes that they are better than he anticipated, but addressed the problems he sees that Scott Pioli cannot “manipulate” away.

Quarterback Matt Cassel is horrible.  Rookie safety Eric Berry is off to a terrible start.  Second-year defensive lineman Tyson Jackson’s absence has been a blessing to the defense.

If you’re scoring at home: Pioli’s handpicked QB and his two first-round picks are looking like busts.

The young nucleus of players left behind by Herm Edwards — Brandon Flowers, Tamba Hali, Jamaal Charles, Brandon Albert, Brandon Carr — are finally paying big dividends.  The addition of experienced coordinators Romeo Crennel and Charlie Weis has helped head coach Todd Haley mature.

To Pioli’s credit, rookies Dexter McCluster and Tony Moeaki and free-agent pickups Ryan Lilja and Shaun “The Genital Giant” Smith have been terrific.

The Chiefs might have the easiest schedule in the history of the league. They’re the Boise State of professional football. The Chiefs can’t win important games with Cassel at quarterback.

Good to see Whitlock hasn’t changed his approach towards the Chiefs.  I understand that he has a hard time saying anything positive about Pioli or Haley, but this all seems like a bit much.

Cassel has struggled for most of the young season, so he is a pretty easy target.  But to say that Berry and Jackson are busts is downright silly.  Berry blowing a few coverages over the first three games of his career hardly equates to a bust.  While Jackson was in the middle of his best game when he went down with a knee injury.

It’s good to see him give a little credit for McCluster and Moeaki, but he left out the team’s best return man: Javier Arenas.  There’s also two years of undrafted talent he has uncovered, but I suppose that was just him getting lucky.

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  1. Good reading materiel for the Kansas City team! Next game will be eye opening, one way or the other! I think KC will play the Colts tough!

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