Javier Arenas Gives Back After Surviving Tornado

(Photo via al.com)

On Wednesday, Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Javier Arenas was in Alabama giving back to victims of the Tuscaloosa tornado.  He brought supplies back from Kansas City to distribute, but he got them only after riding out said tornado in his bathtub.

“I want to thank the makers of my tub,” said Arenas, who was alone at his house close to the intersection of 15th Street and McFarland Boulevard.  He said his house is still standing, but the houses one block away were demolished.

“I looked out my window and it was by Forest Lake.  I realized it was coming straight toward where I was.  It was a minute and 45 seconds of the worst sounds you could heard.

“I was real blessed. It was a life-changing experience.”

Oh my.  This is the type of stuff you only see in the movies.

What a great job by Arenas.  After surviving a deadly storm, he hops in the car and drives to Kansas City to pick up supplies just to turn right around so he can get them into the hands of the people that need them as soon as possible.

Amazing story from a kid that makes you proud to be a Chiefs fan.

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