Jeremy Horne’s Unlikely Path To The NFL

One of the biggest surprises of the Kansas City Chiefs season early on was the emergence of wide receiver Jeremy Horne in training camp.  The only thing more surprising than Horne’s trip from undrafted free agent to running fly patters in the preseason is that he was able to reach the NFL at all.  The rookie sat down with the UMass branch of Her Campus to talk about his unlikely path.

On why he wasn’t able to play football as a child:

I was a foster child my whole life, so I was moving around from place to place, different homes, and stuff like that.  My first year I actually played was my 8th grade year, but the family I was living with…they were really religious and didn’t approve of me playing football.  So, I couldn’t play at that time.  So, after a while…my sophomore year was when I went on my own.  I’ve been on my own since I was 14.  I had a job and did what I had to do to survive.  I found a way.

Why were you in foster care?

Both my parents were drug addicts and social services intervened.

I had no idea that Horne went through so much growing up, something that I’m sure he will pass along when he is out in the Kansas City community later on this year and beyond if he stays on the roster for another season.

Once he made the Chiefs active roster and even played in three games, Horne endured more — yet not nearly equal — adversity.  After turning heads, a lower leg injury slowed the rookie down and ultimately he was replaced on the 53-man roster by Verran Tucker, a spot the fellow-undrafted free agent would not relinquish.  Even with the setback he continued to fight, Horne was a member of the practice squad the rest of the year and was signed to a futures contract after the season.

Athletes always pass along the message that anyone can make their dreams come through with hard work, but something tells me it will carry a little more weight than usual coming from Horne.

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