Jets Acquire Santonio Holmes; Where Was Pioli?

In a surprising move, the New York Jets have acquired Super Bowl MVP WR Santonio Holmes from the Pittsburgh Steelers for a 5th round pick.

Holmes, 26, has been under investigation for allegedly throwing a glass at a woman in an Orlando nightclub.  The woman is suing Holmes, who has denied any wrongdoing, and Holmes’ lawyer told a Pittsburgh television station last week that he has a sworn statement from a witness who said that he, not Holmes, was the one who threw the drink.

The incident in Orlando is the latest in a series of off-field problems that is likely the reason Holmes was available so suddenly and at such a low price.

Holmes has a checkered past dating to his youth, when he admitted to selling drugs.  He was deactivated for a game against the Giants in 2008 after being charged with marijuana possession. Those charges were eventually dropped.  But Holmes posted on his verified Twitter page in March, “time to wake n bake,” a reference to smoking pot.

Holmes, who had 79 receptions for 1,248 yards and five touchdowns last season for Pittsburgh, joins a Jets roster that is suddenly loaded with players who have checkered pasts.

Fellow receiver Braylon Edwards was charged with assault the day before the Jets acquired him from the Browns in October, and could be facing suspension for his no-contest plea.

Cornerback Antonio Cromartie, acquired from the Chargers last month for a 2011 third-round pick, has faced several paternity suits and was accused of hitting a man in a bar with a champagne bottle, though San Diego police couldn’t find enough evidence to press charges.

The addition of Holmes should give owner Woody Johnson and executive vice president Matt Higgins plenty to talk about today.  They’ll be in upstate Cortland this morning for a news conference to announce the Jets’ return to the SUNY campus there for training camp.  This will be the Jets’ second straight camp in Cortland, and this year, they’ll be joined by HBO cameras for the “Hard Knocks” program.

Talk about must see TV.  Even when the stars were going to be Mark Sanchez and Rex Ryan, “Hard Knocks” was going to be the best show of the summer.  But now with Holmes and Cromartie in camp trying to keep their nose clean in front of the cameras, there’s no doubt that hilarity will ensue.

With that being said…  Where was Scott Pioli?

I understand the “Right 53”, but when you look at his time in New England he was never afraid to bring in players with questionable histories.  While it didn’t work out last season, he was more than happy to give Larry Johnson a seventh chance to prove he was ready to be a professional.

It’s unfair to expect a team — especially coming off a 4 win season — to be in on every trade.  But it makes me scratch my head when the player in question is a 26-year-old Super Bowl MVP and you hold 3 fifth round picks.

Lets say that Holmes is suspended this season(PFT says it’s coming).  Not ideal when you are trying to take the next step towards the playoffs, but to play devil’s advocate maybe you get an opportunity to sign him to a long-term deal at below market price due to his past issues and potentially longer suspensions waiting if he gets in more trouble.

There’s nothing wrong with putting a value on draft picks.  There is also nothing wrong with giving your quarterback a young play-making wide receiver.

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