Jim Zorn Schools Kansas City Chiefs Quarterbacks

Even after putting together a Pro Bowl season in 2010, there were still questions about Matt Cassel’s accuracy, which only jumped to 58.2%.  That was only better than a few other starting quarterbacks around the league.  However, it seems he found a more unique way to get ribbed about his accuracy.

During Tuesday’s practice, the Kansas City Chiefs broke out the “bucket drill”, where two trash cans are put on top of each other in the back corner of the end zone.  It is then the job of the quarterbacks to try and drop a pass in the cans from 30 yards away.  Unfortunately for the three Chiefs QBs, including Cassel, they were unable to put even one pass in the cans.  But that’s not the worst of it.

Turns out quarterbacks coach Jim Zorn was able to drop three footballs into the trash cans.  Even Quality Control Coach Nick Sirianni put one in from 30 yards away.  Cassel, for his part, was gracious in defeat, via Josh Looney.

“He’s [Zorn] got some great skill sets and he made some great throws today,” Cassel said.  “We were all pretty bummed.  When you walk away, you feel pretty devastated when your position coach is beating you in those drills.”

We need to get a re-match up and running before the season kicks off so Cassel can grab those bragging rights back.  Head over to Twitter and tell Mr. Looney that we want to see Zorn v. Cassel II on the next episode of “Chiefs Live”.

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