Johnson Having Fun Before “Must Win” Game

The Chiefs might be coming off back-to-back losses, but that doesn’t mean the team can’t still have fun at practice.  Following head coach Todd Haley describing the day on the field that way, LB Derrick Johnson told Kent Babb that he would agree with that assessment.

”It’s football.  You don’t want to think too much.  It’s not chess.  It’s checkers out there.

”We were very energetic. T here was a lot of positive energy out there.  That’s a good thing.  That tells me we have a short-term memory.”

Johnson also called Sunday’s game against Arizona at Arrowhead Stadium a ”must-win” for the Chiefs.

”We don’t want anything to snowball,” he said.

Hard to call anything a must win when it’s not an elimination game and there are still three division matchups left on the board, but this one would be tough to let get away.  The Cardinals are struggling more than the Chiefs right now and it is played at Arrowhead before heading back on the road again next week.

Have to feel good about the players and coaches being able to turn the page from the embarrassment that was the Denver game and get back to enjoying themselves on the practice field.  I’m sure that enjoyment would go out the window with another loss, but it’s promising to hear that there isn’t a sense of being beaten down by the last two weeks.

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