Jonathan Baldwin Finally Active For Chiefs

First round pick Jonathan Baldwin is finally ready to make his NFL debut after missing the first five games of the season with a thumb injury.  How much he will play is still unknown, but Baldwin was not among the list of seven inactive players for today’s game against the Oakland Raiders.

DL Brandon Bair, WR Jeremy Horne, S Reshard Langford, OL Steve Maneri, NT Jerrell Powe, QB Ricky Stanzi, WR Jerheme Urban.

Other than Baldwin swapping places with Horne, the Chiefs inactives are identical to last week.  For the most part, there has been very few changes over the first six games of the season.

It still remains to be seen why Urban is still on the team, especially with Baldwin back and likely to be active and involved in the offense every week for the rest of the season.  The veteran is simply just a wasted roster spot at this point.

The Chiefs special teams will take a bit of a hit not having Horne around, meaning head coach Todd Haley and offensive coordinator Bill Muir must be confident that Baldwin’s impact on offense is worth taking away a major part of the coverage units.

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