Todd Haley Still Mum On Jonathan Baldwin

Kansas City Chiefs rookie WR Jonathan Baldwin made his first appearance with his teammates on Sunday after injuring his thumb in a fight with running back Thomas Jones last week.  While he spent his time in the rehab zone, he was limited by a cast protecting his injury.

In his press conference yesterday, Haley was asked about the team’s vetting of Baldwin before the draft and instead of answering the question the head coach used it as an opportunity to praise all of his young players.

“I believe in all these guys that are here and he falls into that group.”

Haley was then pressed on if the Baldwin-Jones “family business” becomes “fan business” since it hurts the product on the field.

“That’s perception I guess,” Haley said flatly.

“Most everything that happens within these walls is family business.  I just think that’s the best thing for our team.  To become a real good team, I think you need to have those areas that are off-limits.  Certain things and areas are going to continue to stay family business.  I appreciate everyone’s curiosity … but at the same time, you know, I do know that certain areas are going to continue to be family business.”

Under most circumstances I would both understand and appreciate Haley’s approach, but this is one time where he really should be giving the fans and media more.  Not because he owes us anything, but because just like it has over the last few days, information — true or not — is going to come out about the incident from “unnamed sources”.

This is already a situation that could completely destroy Baldwin’s chances of having a functional relationship with his teammates and as the picture continues to be painted by people other than Haley, odds are it isn’t going to get any better.

If he would have given a simple “there was a misunderstanding, they handled it like men sometimes do and now Jon will be out for six weeks.  Both players know they need to do things in a better way” then all parties could move on a lot quicker.

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