Jonathan Baldwin Shows His True Colors In Joplin

We’ve all seen the destruction in Joplin and — as showcased by the out pouring of support via the Kansas City Chiefs donation drive — many have done what they can to help.  Included in that group of people are Chiefs Matt Cassel and Jonathan Baldwin, with the rookie suggesting to his QB that they take a trip to offer their assistance.

“They had places for us to go help, to help people dig out,” Baldwin said.  “Like, ‘There’s an elderly family that needs help.  Can we get a couple guys over here?”’

One older woman sat forlornly on her porch — it was the only part of her home not destroyed.  And all she cared about was finding a picture of Jesus her daughter had painted years earlier.  So they dug.

“Humbling,” said Baldwin.  “It touched my heart to be able to do something, anything.  We felt we touched a few people’s lives, and after something like that, you need to know people care about you.”

Amazing job by Cassel and Baldwin (and the Rams players that were down there at the same time) to do what they are able to as the people of Joplin slowly put the pieces back together.

There are plenty of things you can point to from Baldwin’s time at Pitt that show why he earned a reputation as a diva.  But from the minute the Chiefs picked him in the first round, the kid has done and said all of the right things.  He is one of the few Chiefs players (rookie or otherwise) going the extra mile, working with his teammates in Kansas City and then takes it to another level by planning the trip to Joplin.

Fans and media alike can worry all they want about just what the Chiefs will see from Baldwin this yer and beyond, but I’ve certainly seen enough to be convinced that he’s grown up plenty these last few months.

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