Jonathan Baldwin Wants To Hit The Ground Running

Even before the Kansas City Chiefs held their unofficial three-day mini-camp this week, first round pick Jonathan Baldwin had already been working out with Matt Cassel and a small group of rotating players.  Baldwin talked with ESPN’s Bill Williamson about how important this early work is for the Chiefs.

“It was great getting to know Matt,” Baldwin said this week.  “I stayed at his house.  I ate dinner with him and his family.  We’re really building a relationship together.  We’ve talked a lot of Xs and Os.  It’s important.  I think (the lockout) is going to crack soon and we have to be ready.  We all have to stay in great shape and hit the job at 100 mph when they tell us.  When the lockout is over, we have to be in Kansas City the next day, so this work together is important.”

These workouts have been important for every player, but the rookies like him are the ones that need them the most.  The lockout is increasing every rookies learning curve and Baldwin knows it.  Beyond taking care of a bad early reputation, the receiver is putting himself in the perfect position to hit the ground running.

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