Just Another Day At The Office For Brian Waters

With backup left tackle Barry Richardson currently starting on the right side, the question of who would fill in on the left side popped up after Branden Albert went down with an arm injury against the Colts.  The answer turned out to be a man that had never before taken snaps at tackle in his 11-year career, Brian Waters.

“Another day at the job, man. Part of it,” he said.  “You’ve got to be ready to roll with it.”

Waters knew he was the Chiefs’ third tackle, and he prepared himself mentally as soon as Albert left the turf.  Rookie Jon Asamoah took Waters’ place at left guard, and the Chiefs’ first two plays were runs to the right side.  After a run up the middle, Albert returned with a bandage and a brace on his left arm.

Waters said he was prepared to play tackle longer than the brief appearance, if necessary.

“I prepared myself to be ready,” he said.

“Once I saw that he wasn’t going to get up right away, I was like, ‘OK, part of the job, get ready.’”

Who would have thought after the rough start Waters and the new regime had that he would still be having such a huge impact a year and a half later.  To be able to step in without hesitation to the most important role on the offensive line should not be understated.

The way Albert was holding his arm, I thought the worst and figured the Chiefs would only be running to the right side for the rest of the game.  Even with the three plays Albert missed called away from Waters, I wouldn’t have worried about altering the play calling if they offense had to play with that altered lineup for the rest of the game.

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