Forget Bieber, Keary Colbert Is The YouTube Star

The Kansas City Chiefs — and every other NFL team — scour the country (and beyond) for the best players to fit into their system.  In new WR Keary Colbert’s case, it wasn’t a glowing scouting report that brought him to Kansas City, but rather a YouTube video.

Sports Illustrated’s Peter King visited Chiefs camp on Monday and talked to head coach Todd Haley about Colbert’s unconventional YouTube-to-NFL route.

“[W]e thought it must have been photoshopped, it looked so good.  Then we worked him out, and he looked terrific.  Unless it’s a mirage, he’ll be in the thick of things for a job here.”

The mirage might be the opening at wide receiver.  Even if Dexter McCluster officially ends up being listed as a running back, Dwayne Bowe, Jonathan Baldwin and Steve Breaston are the no brainers.  Behind them is Haley favorites Terrance Copper and Jerheme Urban.

By my math, that gives the Chiefs five receivers plus McCluster likely to break camp.  There are also second-year players Jeremy Horne and Verran Tucker who both spent time on the active roster last season and — like Copper — will play a vital role on special teams if they make the final cut.

While he has looked good in his sort time in camp, it remains to be seen if Colbert is going to be able to contribute on special teams.  If he can’t be effective there, it will be difficult for Haley to justify keeping the veteran over the likes of Tucker or Horne.

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