Justin Houston Gets Good News


The last couple of days have been pretty empty for anyone associated with the Kansas City Chiefs. Coaches, players, fans. Everyone.

But it looks like there’s some good news being delivered to the Chiefs in the form of a Justin Houston injury update.

The linebacker was the last in a long line of players to get knocked out of Saturday’s epic loss to the Indianapolis Colts. Houston had just returned from an elbow injury, but during the Colts final drive he had to be helped off the field.

There was some fear that Houston may have torn his ACL, which would have forced him to undergo a lengthy rehab. Instead he was diagnosed with a PCL strain and bone bruise, according to FOX Sports.

With his knee (and shoulder) not a concern, look for Houston and his agent to try and get a new deal out of Kansas City GM John Dorsey. The linebacker is entering the final deal of his rookie deal and if the two sides don’t agree on a new contract, don’t expect to see Houston at training camp.

We’ll try not to think about a potential hold out just yet. After all, Chiefs fans have plenty of awful things going through their mind right now, so instead we’ll just focus on the good news!

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