Justin Medlock Should Rent

When he was released by the Washington Redskins, former Chiefs kicker Justin Medlock figured he was on his way back to the CFL where he starred last season.  Then the Detroit Lions claimed him on waivers and there was some thought that maybe he could challenge incumbent Jason Hanson.  Not so fast.

“No, Hanson’s doing fine — it has nothing to do with Jason,” Schwartz said.

And it doesn’t sound like they have any intention of keeping a kickoff specialist on the roster this year, either.

“I don’t know, Jason’s always been such a good kickoff guy,” Schwartz said.  “And we’ve tweaked our kickoff a little bit.  We’ll probably do a little less directional kicking and just let him hammer the ball a little bit more.  I mean, if the need arose … (But) I don’t forsee that happening.”

So for now, Medlock… will get a chance to show another NFL coaching staff what he can do.  He’ll also give the Lions’ returners something more to think about while he’s here.

“He’s left-footed and he gives you a little bit different look for the returners — he does punt a little bit also,” Schwartz said.  “But, you know, he’s a good, young player.  And we’ll probably, (even) if it’s not right away in training camp, at some time we’ll have three kickers/punters in training camp.”

Medlock has come a long way since being banished from Kansas City during his rookie year and like Schwartz said, he will get a chance to show other teams what he can do at this level.

With that being said, I hope Medlock didn’t give up his lease in Toronto or look at any long term living arrangements in Detroit.

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