Would The Chiefs Dare Drop “Arrowhead”?

Once the Kansas City Chiefs decided to pour so much money into Arrowhead Stadium for renovations, it was just a matter of time before they found a way to recoup some of that cash with naming rights.

According to Bob Gretz, the team has come to an agreement with a business to put its name on the stadium or field.  The announcement is supposed to come in conjunction with the MNF game against the San Diego Chargers on Halloween.

While we don’t yet know what the name will be, the report says it will be one that is “very familiar”.

The Chiefs, for their part, have denied the report saying “nothing is imminent“.

In today’s economy, teams — and any business for that matter — need to find money wherever they can and I will never take issue with that.  But would they dare drop “Arrowhead” from the name of the stadium in place of “American Airlines” or some other huge company name to guarantee a bigger fee?

That would be an absolute disaster.

I’d much rather they give us “Preparation h Field At Arrowhead Stadium” than something ‘hip’ like “Google Stadium” as long as it means we don’t lose “Arrowhead Stadium”.

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