Wiegmann Explains The Origin Of “The Streak”

When the Kansas City Chiefs take the field Week 1 against the Buffalo Bills, the starting center will be Casey Wiegmann.  While that alone isn’t anything out of the ordinary, the fact he will be adding to his consecutive offensive-play streak of 10,141 certainly is.

Wiegmann talked about the origins of his amazing streak with Adam Teicher.

“It first started just because I played with two (future) Hall of Famers (Will Shields and Willie Roaf),” Wiegmann said.

“We only dressed seven guys, and those two were the guys that got to sit out when the game was out of control.  As soon as those guys got done playing, I had the streak going, and I just kept going and going and going.”

But what about getting some rest for the veteran?  When it’s been offered recently, Wiegmann was clear that it wasn’t going to happen.

“I don’t know if it was a year or two ago, but the offensive-line coach said, ‘We’re going to take you out.’  I was like, ‘I’m not coming out, sorry.’”

This year there will no doubt be more pressure to sit the 38-year-old to keep his legs fresh for what looks like a murder’s row of games to wind down the season.  However, if I were Todd Haley or offensive coordinator Bill Muir I wouldn’t count on that happening as long as Wiegmann is healthy.

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