Chiefs WR Chris Manno: The Terminator?

As shocking as it may seem, I haven’t seen much Hofstra football over the years.  Even with the success of Wayne Chrebet and Marques Colston in the NFL, it simply isn’t the first place I go for my college football fix.  That means I have nothing to base my opinion on new Kansas City Chiefs WR Chris Manno.

Thankfully YouTube comes to the rescue once again.

Turns out you will find more than your typical highlight reel when you search for the newest member of the Chiefs.  In fact, Manno has his own channel that includes a full combine-style workout with his results compared against the 2010 results of other wide receivers invited to Indianapolis.

On Manno’s YouTube channel you will find a photoshopped (we hope) background with one of the wide receiver’s eyes showing a Terminator-esque red light.

Half man, half machine…  all football stud!  Okay, maybe that’s a bit much, but Manno does put up some good numbers in his drills.  Though we should all remember that when you put this together, it’s the best of God knows how many takes.  At the combine and pro day, you are doing everything live in front of scouts.

At the end of the combine drills video, Manno talks about what he’s looking for from an NFL team.

“I’m just hoping for a chance to get in there and show people what I can do.  At every level so far I’ve been told this probably isn’t gonna happen, from high school to college.  And at every level I’ve proved people wrong.  I started in high school right away and I earned a scholarship after walking on in college.  I’m just looking for another chance to shock people, prove them wrong.”

Well, kid…  here’s your chance.

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