Rosenthal: Chiefs Should Tag Carr Over Bowe

Dwayne Bowe or Brandon Carr.

That is the debate that will continue to rage on until one is tagged or signed to a new contract. Greg Rosenthal of NBC Sports went team-by-team and thinks the Kansas City Chiefs should decide to go defense.

Brandon Carr, Chiefs cornerback
If Vegas set odds on franchise tags, Dwayne Bowe would be the heavy favorite in Kansas City. I’m going with the underdog.

Bowe is not a Scott Pioli type of guy in terms of attitude or consistency. He’s a better fantasy football player than in reality. In a perfect world, the Chiefs would sign Carr long-term and franchise Bowe. That’s a realistic scenario.

I’m writing in an imperfect world before any big deals are made. If the choice is Carr or Bowe, the rising young cornerback is the pick.

While signing Carr long-term and tagging Bowe is the best resolution for Chiefs fans, there’s no telling if owner Clark Hunt is willing to keep both. We will be lucky to see him write one big check, I find it hard to believe the Chiefs are able to keep both.

Assuming Hunt wants to use just the tag so he doesn’t have to commit money beyond next season — a good assumption judging by his thrifty history — Carr needs to be the one kept around. The market for cornerbacks is hotter than wide receivers ever will be, with teams trying to find a way to slow down the arms race in the NFL.

Again, if both are kept, the Chiefs should ink Carr to a new deal and tag Bowe, but fans should prepare themselves that one of the two is likely to walk via free agency.

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