Clark Hunt Leads Chiefs Donation Efforts

With the NFL lockout continuing with no end in sight, we all have plenty of pointed words we would like to direct at Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt.  However, this morning he deserves nothing but praise for not only setting up the Chiefs donation efforts but also getting in the middle of it himself.

“All of us probably wanted to jump in a car and drive down (to Joplin),” said Hunt, the Chiefs’ chairman.  “That’s probably the feeling that anybody had when they looked at the images.  We talked with the emergency management folks, and they said they had enough trained professionals here to handle what’s happening there, but here’s what they need: They need water and they need money.

“I had a chance (Tuesday) afternoon to speak with Gov. (Jay) Nixon.  He described the devastation as something beyond his wildest dreams.  Having seen it on TV, I totally understand.  Our hearts, our thoughts and our prayers really go out to the citizens of Joplin and Reading because we know they’re struggling so much right now.”

By making sure the team helped with the relief efforts immediately, Hunt more than did his part.  However, with the people of Kansas City stepping up in such a huge way it was great seeing the owner go the extra mile, put on some gloves and get to loading pallets and wrapping them for travel.

Kudos also need to be extended to GM Scott Pioli and president Mark Donovan for lending a helping hand.

Well done, gentlemen.  Well done, indeed.

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