Only One Tryout Player Gets Third Day Invite

During the Kansas City Chiefs rookie minicamp that kicked off on Friday, there were 10 tryout players that joined five first year veterans, eight draft picks and 15 college free agents to make up the 38-man roster.

However, after the first two days of the minicamp, the team sent home those invited on a tryout basis. All except for one: Hampton QB David LeGree.

Head coach Romeo Crennel said sending the tryout players home was part of the plan all along.

“What we told them, and we told their agents when we brought them here, that it was just a tryout and we’d probably send everybody home and then we’re going to talk about it and decide or determine if we want to bring anybody else back.”

As for LeGree, he was able to get the extra day to show off what he can do thanks to him being the only quarterback in the minicamp. Could that time on Sunday at the Chiefs facilities get him a contract?

The Kansas City roster already includes three signal callers, but has seven spots available and will likely want to bring a fourth into training camp.

Crennel knows LeGree had a tall task ahead of him and was impressed with how he handled it, despite struggling from fatigue down the stretch.

“I thought to his credit, being the only quarterback in camp and having to learn all the offense and expecting him to learn where everybody was supposed to line up and what they’re supposed to do, I thought he did a good job with it.”

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