Ricky Stanzi Draws Comparison To Joe Montana

When talking about the current crop of Kansas City Chiefs quarterbacks, there are plenty of comparisons you can make. I have to say, the greatest ever — Joe Montana — isn’t exactly the first that comes to mind.

However, when Sean Keeler compared backup Ricky Stanzi to Montana, it was to the Hall of Famer’s personality, not skills on the field.

Turns out, the fan favorite Stanzi has come out of his shell at the beginning of his second season. To hear Dexter McCluster talk about Stanzi’s “getting-your-groove-on type of dancing” it would appear the backup is staying cool with his increased number of reps.

“He’s a guy that never shows frustration, never shows timidness. He’s always relaxed and comfortable. You always like a guy like that.”

You do like a guy like that running your team. But no matter how calm, cool and collected his is, it’s unlikely Stanzi will get a chance to be that guy this season unless he plays like Montana in preseason (and even then it would be a longshot), starter Matt Cassel suffers another season ending injury or the Chiefs stumble badly out of the blocks.

For as long as Kansas City has hopes of getting back to the top of the AFC West, it’s hard to imagine Romeo Crennel turning to Stanzi.

Though while he waits for his turn, Stanzi has his dance moves to fall back on, right?

“I think that’s a rumor,” Stanzi told FOX while smiling. “That’s just a dirty rumor.”

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