Billick: Chiefs One Of The Best Fits For Manning

It caused quite the stir earlier this week when Kansas City Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel said “he would be crazy not to consider” signing Indianapolis Colts QB Peyton Manning if he became a free agent.

As discussions of tampering and the Chiefs available cap space has dominated the Manning-to-KC talk, would one of the best ever want to play for Crennel? Former Baltimore Ravens head coach Brian Billick thinks he would, listing the Chiefs as one of the three teams that make the most sense for Manning.

Why would Manning want to play in Kansas City? Billick notes the Chiefs will have plenty of weapons on offense in Dwayne Bowe (pending the franchise tag), Jonathan Baldwin and Steve Breaston along with TE Tony Moeaki and RB Jamaal Charles returning from injury.

The most important factor? How about a clean slate when it comes to scheme.

Maybe most important for the Chiefs, after the firing of the offensive-minded Todd Haley and the ensuing retirement of last year’s offensive coordinator, Bill Muir, they haven’t yet installed a new offensive scheme. Brian Daboll, formerly of the Dolphins, is the new offensive coordinator but would be most willing to take on Manning and his entire offense.

That is one aspect of this situation that isn’t talked about enough. With a new offensive coordinator and a defensive head coach, Manning would be able to run the entire unit top to bottom similar to how things were done in Indianapolis throughout his career.

He’ll be given pretty much free reign no matter where he ultimately ends up, but he will face less resistance in Kansas City than he will where there is already an established system in place.

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