Rushing A Contract Offer To Peyton Manning Would Be Irresponsible

If the Kansas City Chiefs were able to sign free agent Peyton Manning, it would be the biggest move the franchise has made in close to 20 years. The former Colts QB would be welcomed as a hero and the Chiefs immediately are the favorites to win the AFC West.

Few around town are doubting the marriage would be a beautiful one.

But we need to slow the train down… even if just a little. There is a report floating around the Chiefs have already made a contract offer to Manning.

For a team known to play things extremely safe, signing Manning would be a huge change of direction. Offering him a huge deal without having seen him throw or getting a feel for the market? That would be downright irresponsible.

Before we all get caught up in Manning-fever, think about the last time Clark Hunt did anything that was filled with so much risk. Believing the owner is finally willing to open up his check book for a free agent is one thing, but to think he would do it so quickly without any assurances is taking this to a whole other level.

It also shouldn’t be forgotten this is the first time the future Hall of Famer has been able to choose his destination since committing to Tennessee. He is going to analyze each opportunity and a team running in with the first offer wouldn’t necessarily earn them any advantage.

The pieces could fit for the Chiefs and Manning to get together — and he is said to want a deal done within a week — but it doesn’t make sense for Scott Pioli to put a contract together until there he’s ready to seal the deal.

There’s no need to rush.

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