Will Chiefs Players Campaign For Peyton Manning?

If the Kansas City Chiefs are going to turn their plans for the franchise upside down and try to sign Peyton Manning, there are only three people that ultimately matter: Manning, GM Scott Pioli and owner Clark Hunt.

But would any players from the Chiefs be willing to publicly lobby the future Hall of Fame QB to bring his talents to Kansas City?

As soon as word started to spread this week Manning would officially be cut loose, Darnell Dockett of the Arizona Cardinals immediately took to Twitter to start the campaign to make the quarterback his teammate.

For good measure, Dockett went on the NFL Network to outline his plan for Manning.

“He can get his number and I’ll get him parking passes, free doughnuts on Saturdays. I’ll make sure my guys clean his cleats up real well. I’ll give him all my connections, even my barber.”

His barber?! I don’t see Eric Berry stepping up to offer his barber. At the very least, shouldn’t someone put together a nice plate of BBQ to try and lure Manning to Kansas City?

Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel was more than happy to express his interest in Manning long before he was a free agent, so I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect a few players to speak up now.

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