Chiefs Won’t Host The Randy Moss Reunion Tour

“Ain’t nothing but a comeback to the NFL…”

Or at least that’s how Randy Moss should have announced he was going to attempt a comeback next season. Talking on his Ustream channel, the volatile receiver put it in similarly basic terms.

“Your boy is gonna come back and play some football, man. I’m very excited. Like I said, man, I just had a lot of things that I had to adjust in my life, man.”

It’s those “things” that got in his way last season when he wasn’t able to convince a team to take a chance on him last season and what cause him to go off the rails in 2010. None of this is a surprise to hear from Moss now that he wants another pay check. It sounds an awful lot like what Terrell Owens has been saying before he had to sign with the Indoor Football League.

There are some that will claim over the next few months Scott Pioli would be willing to take a shot on Moss the way he did in New England. After all, it was Moss that helped Matt Cassel succeed in 2008 when an injury to Tom Brady forced him into the starting lineup. These rumors popped up in 2010 when the Minnesota Vikings waived Moss and he ended up with the Tennessee Titans, the only team to put in a claim.

No matter if Moss really is ready to get back in the NFL, it’s important to remember that he won’t be coming anywhere near the Kansas City Chiefs unless he signs with a team that is visiting Arrowhead Stadium next season. It’s not because of Clark Hunt’s refusal to spend money (that’s for the Peyton Manning discussion) but simply because he doesn’t fit with what the franchise is all about right now.

The last thing this team needs entering the 2012 season is a walking sideshow that hasn’t caught a football since January 2, 2011. Even if Dwayne Bowe bolts in free agency, the Chiefs will be better off trying to squeeze more out of the promising Jonathan Baldwin and veteran Steve Breaston than the 35-year-old Moss.

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