Kansas City Chiefs Spy Games

In a story that would be completely unbelievable if it was written about almost any other franchise in the NFL, Kent Babb of The Kansas City Star details the alleged lengths Chiefs GM Scott Pioli and owner Clark Hunt have gone to in order to keep tabs on their employees.

Though there are countless head scratching accusations, top of the list is former head coach Todd Haley not only believing the Arrowhead offices were bugged but that his cellphone — one he had before he was hired in Kansas City — was also tampered with.

Another is paranoia among employees getting so bad they would stagger their exit from the building at lunch so people from different departments wouldn’t get in trouble for potentially sharing a meal. That’s the type of stuff you expect out of cheating spouses, not co-workers that want to share an appetizer at Chili’s.

Then there’s also Pioli and team president Mark Donovan using a candy wrapper left in a stairwell as an example of the sort of attention to detail the new regime was looking for on a daily basis. Donovan acknowledged this one to Babb, calling it “a great coaching moment.”

I’m the first one to agree with Pioli there needs to be accountability among employees. It’s something that unfortunately is disappearing these days, but there is such a thing as going beyond asking for accountability and simply playing the role of big brother because you feel it’s your right.

After all, it’s not paranoia if they really are out to get you.

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