Kansas City Chiefs Stick It To Their Employees

So much for all of the positivity floating around the NFL in the last few days as the lockout winds down.  The Kansas City Chiefs will no longer allow their stadium workers to hang around and watch the games once their duties are fulfilled.  Ticket-tacker Steve Warner talked to Fox 4 about the new rules handed down by the team.

“You work hard … We don’t get paid a lot of money,” said Warner, who says that ticket-takers and parking attendants don’t get seats to watch the game, but were allowed to be part of the Arrowhead experience from a standing-only area.

“Why take that privilege away from everybody?  Because it’s been there for us for years, and the thing about it is we work so hard at the beginning of, when they open the gates, we work so hard.  When you work four hours and you stand and knowing that you get that benefit of going and watching the game,” said Warner.

In a prepared statement, the Chiefs said, “We’re working to develop policies and practices that provide the best possible experience for our fans; and fair and appropriate compensation and benefits for our employees.”

These certainly aren’t Lamar Hunt’s Kansas City Chiefs. 

This seems like one of these ridiculous things that a company would come up with in a board meeting while joking about how to get an upper hand in negotiating a new labor deal, but never went beyond the board room.  Seriously…  how does this happen?

Not only are you disrespecting the people that work at your stadium, but it’s not as if these are the days of Arrowhead being sold out every weekend.  As least if the workers were taking away the spot of a paying customer I could understand where Hunt and the Chiefs are coming from.  The fact that the team does not lose one cent from these employees watching the game should be the end of the argument.

After watching Arrowhead lose some magic the last few years, is there any reason to remove even more noise from the stands?

C’mon Mr. Hunt…  do the right thing.

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