Chiefs Sign CB Stanford Routt

The Kansas City Chiefs have signed former Oakland Raiders CB Stanford Routt, the team announced on Monday. Routt was cut by the Raiders just a year after signing a big money deal that will still put $5 million more in his pocket next month.

Routt’s deal is said to be for three years and just under $20 million, with a $4 million signing bonus. The Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals were said to be the others most interested in Routt’s services.

Looking at this deal isolated from anything else the Chiefs do this offseason, it’s a solid move. Routt was a good No. 2 corner playing next to Nnamdi Asomugha, but struggled last season when he had to be Oakland’s top corner. He will once again get a chance to play second fiddle, this time to Brandon Flowers.

However, knowing that this signals the end of Brandon Carr’s career in Kansas City, it’s hard to feel good about this move. Carr is better and already has proven himself playing with Flowers, Eric Berry and Kendrick Lewis.

Is it good to see the Chiefs being active? Absolutely. But right now it just looks like it’s another way for owner Clark Hunt to save a few bucks.


  1. What, precisely did Carr want? Does anyone have verification from an independent source? This sounds like more propaganda to make fans not care if they let Carr go to a team that is willing to pay the real bucks to be good. This is exactly the kind of penny-pinching that, if allowed to continue by fans, will lead to more of the same. They should be looking for (1) a great QB (spending all they have if necessary); (2) a line to protect that qb. What good are two great corners if they don’t put any points on the board? Love a great defense – but this nonsense needs to be met with fan reaction – pay to play

  2. Do you think KC would have 62 million in cap space without decades of loyal fan support? What do the fans get in exchange for filling 70,000 seats every week for decades? How is it that KC fans can be talking about a corner when they couldn’t put more than 3 points on the board per half? A QB should be the only thing they are thinking about – go get Favre if necessary – search the high schools – get someone that is not a QB no one else wanted – pay the real money for real talent

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