Kansas City Chiefs Tell Fan To “Get A Clue”

An employee for the Kansas City Chiefs decided it was a good idea to insult one of their team’s fans on Twitter. Then after it started to go viral, issued a vague apology to all of their Twitter followers.

It all started when fan Travis Wright went on a rant (isn’t that one of the best uses of Twitter?) about how Chiefs owner Clark Hunt has been unwilling to increase the team payroll. You can search the Chiefs mentions (or any other team on Twitter) any day and you’ll see harsher commentary from fans.

Instead of ignoring the rant and focusing on way to better deliver information to their fans, the Chiefs decided it was best to shoot of an insult via a Direct Message to Wright.

That’s right, the employee told him to “get a clue”. What they hoped to accomplish with this message, I’m still not sure, but no doubt they weren’t counting on it going viral, but that’s exactly what happened.

Wright sent a picture of the message around on Twitter and then posted the whole story on Reddit. As the story started to gain steam, the Chiefs sent out their apology on Twitter.

I apologize to the fans for my response to a tweet sent to me earlier. No excuse for my actions. I am truly sorry and it won’t happen again.

The kicker to the apology? Wright was unable to see it because they had blocked him!

Beyond just going viral on Twitter and Reddit, KSHB spoke with Wright about it for their newscast. When the station reached out to the Chiefs, they confirmed the apology was for the message sent to Wright and chalked it up as a mistake made by someone in the social media department.

As for Wright, he made it clear to KSHB he isn’t interested in anyone losing their job over the incident.

“I’m not trying to get the guy (who sent me the message) fired, I’m trying to get them to understand they can’t treat their fans with contempt.”

Will the team actually learn anything from this? Probably not, but I bet GM Scott Pioli will immediately put out an internal memo banning the use of Direct Message on Twitter to contact fans.

If you have a lot of time to burn, check out Wright’s Twitter timeline and see how this all unfolded. You can also watch the news story below.

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