Kiper: Chiefs An Option For Peyton Manning

There are few teams that will put a worse starting quarterback on the field Sunday than the Kansas City Chiefs.  That’s just the sad reality when Tyler Palko is lining up under center.

Eventually Kyle Orton should get his chance — maybe even this week — but he won’t be around the franchise after the season.  Even before the Chiefs were forced to go to Palko and Orton, they weren’t exactly getting the job done in the air with Matt Cassel, despite having a couple of impressive receivers in Dwayne Bowe and Steve Breaston.

With the Chiefs potentially drafting a quarterback very high in April’s draft, is there a veteran that could step in for a year or two and keep the seat warm while giving the team a chance to win?  How about a future hall of famer?

ESPN’s Mel Kiper thinks Peyton Manning could be that guy.  If the Indianapolis Colts decide to part ways with one of the best we’ve ever seen at the position, he feels the Chiefs are one of the best five landing spots for him.

In my analysis last week I pointed out that Matt Cassel is by no means a bad NFL quarterback, but he’s been very up and down, and it goes without saying that if the Chiefs had elite QB play, they’d be in play to win a pretty even division. In fact, with Manning, don’t the Chiefs become the favorites out West next season?

It’s not the craziest idea in the world.  The Chiefs desperately need help at quarterback and even more important to the franchise, will need to convince the fan base that 2012 isn’t going to be another wasted year.  Manning would immediately make the team contenders the same way Joe Montana did and put plenty of fans in the building.

Scott Pioli isn’t fond of parting ways with draft picks, but if he was offered the same deal from the Colts for Manning that he was by the New England Patriots for Matt Cassel (a second-round pick), he has to at least sit down and think about it.

Though it is important to remember that even if Pioli would be willing to part with a draft pick, Clark Hunt would actually have to open up his wallet for once.  Because no matter where Manning lands, he is bringing an awfully hefty price tag with him.

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