Starting Point For Any Chiefs RG3 Trade Offer

Fresh off a huge showing at the NFL Scouting Combine, Baylor QB Robert Griffin III is hotter than ever. Thanks to a Heisman-winning season he was already the consensus No. 2 QB available and now there are some moving him above Stanford QB Andrew Luck on their draft board.

With the Indianapolis Colts still expected to select Luck, that leaves any team wanting to grab Griffin left to deal with the St. Louis Rams, owners of the second overall pick.

The Kansas City Chiefs interviewed RG3 at the combine (along with Luck and Ryan Tannehill of Texas A&M) and head coach Romeo Crennel came away impressed.

“He’s the type of person that you’d like to go and get,” Crennel said. “Not only was he sharp in football, but he was sharp about life. And because he was an Army brat and I was an Army brat, there is a special connection there. I’m going to give him a little more headway than the other guys just because of that.”

Crennel even joked about not needing to convince GM Scott Pioli to trade up for Griffin, since he was equally taken by the Baylor star. So that begs the question, what would it take for the Chiefs to get into position to bring RG3 to Kansas City?

Under normal circumstances, you can go by the NFL Draft Trade Value Chart, but getting such a highly touted player is far from normal. The Rams would no doubt draft Griffin if they didn’t already have former No. 1 overall pick Sam Bradford and there is no shortage of suitors lining up.

To start out, the Chiefs would have to send equal value in picks: first, second and fourth rounders this year. Plus, another first round selection in 2013. Yes, that would just be the starting point.

One way to get extra assets to trade would be agreeing to a long-term contract with WR Dwayne Bowe, then turning around and slapping the franchise tag on CB Brandon Carr. The Chiefs could then deal Carr to the Rams or another team, which would give them extra ammo to include in a Griffin trade.

Are you willing to ship out a minimum of four draft picks to get a shot at Griffin?

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