Kansas City Chiefs Were Latest Stop In Kevin Curtis’ Comeback From Cancer

One of the bigger surprises of the Kansas City Chiefs 2010 season was WR Kevin Curtis getting on the field for the first round of the playoffs just days after being signed by the team as a free agent.  Turns out, such a feat wasn’t that big of a deal for Curtis.  Not after he survived testicular cancer.

“I don’t think any man likes to hear the news,” Curtis said.  “The word cancer is scary enough.  When part of the answer is removing the testicle, it was, like, boom.”

There’s a good chance testicular cancer will go undetected for a considerable time unless you’re looking for it, or, more importantly, know what you’re looking for.

“A lot of times when you do find out,” Curtis said, “it’s already too late.”

“I don’t mean to overdramatize this because I didn’t have to deal with chemo or more surgeries,” Curtis said.  “It was a small battle, but it became a beautiful process to me.

“I embraced it.  It’s my deal.  You just accept that it’s yours.  In a lot of ways, I’m grateful for it, I guess.  The whole process takes you to some places I don’t know I would have gone without it.  News out of nowhere — and I don’t think I ever was in danger of dying — but it made me really think about things, what matters most, perspective on how you’re living your life.”

Wow.  I knew that Curtis hadn’t been on the field much, but I had no idea he had fought all the way back from cancer.

Being able to come right in and play against the Baltimore Ravens in the playoffs was tough enough, but to know he did it after so recently taking down cancer just blows my mind.  Would love to see him get a chance to come back to Kansas City next season.

April is testicular cancer awareness month, so make sure if you are a man that you are doing self exams and if you’re a woman make sure the men in your life are doing those exams.

For more information, click on any of the sites mentioned in the ESPN article: Check Yo Nutz Campaign, Orchid Cancer Appeal, Testicular Cancer Awareness Week and CarpeTestes.org.

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