Chiefs Release Statement On Lockout

Following the inability of the players and owners ability to come to an agreement on a new CBA, the Kansas City Chiefs have released a statement on the situation.

The Kansas City Chiefs still believe the fastest way to a fair agreement is through the mediation process.  While we are disappointed that the union walked away from the clubs’ offer to split the difference and meet them in the middle, we remain confident that we can and will reach a deal that is good for the game.

After a season that began with Monday Night Magic at the grand opening of the New Arrowhead, and culminated in a division championship, we are more focused than ever on improving every area of our team.  We know there will be football in the future – and we have already started to plan for the 2011 season.  Our football staff is continuing its preparation for the NFL Draft and our business operations staff is using fan feedback to make the Arrowhead experience the best in the NFL.

We have great respect for our fans and our season ticket holders, and are committed to communicating openly and directly with them as we work to reach a long-term agreement with the players that is fair to everyone who loves this game.

It’s unfair to Clark Hunt, but I can’t help but wonder if things would have unfolded the same way if his father was a part of the negotiations.  Lamar, as we all know, was a man that got things done and I have a hard time believing that he would have allowed a work stoppage when the game was at it’s highest point.

At the same time, it seemed like DeMaurice Smith and the NFLPA were determined to keep moving the goal posts unless the league gave the players every single thing they were asking for.  So as much respect I had for Lamar, he wouldn’t have rolled over for the players either.

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