Pioli: “Huge Difference” Between Picks 11 And 12

Some will doubt the importance of the Kansas City Chiefs winning a coin flip for the No. 11 pick in April’s NFL Draft, but don’t count GM Scott Pioli among that group.

“It’s a huge difference,” Pioli told the team’s official site. “In that one spot in the draft you don’t know who the other team is going to pick. It’s just an earlier opportunity for you to get what you want in the draft.”

As we noted earlier, it also plays a huge role in the team’s ability to move around in the first round.

“If there is an opportunity to make a trade,” Pioli said. “You are one spot higher and the value of that pick is going to be that much greater.”

What will the Chiefs do with this valued pick? Well, that discussion has just begun.

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